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Sopisco Panama, S.A. offers a complete Maritime Solutions, from coordinating to execution,  always providing a personalized service and with constant, proactive and efficient communication in order to ensure the best results in all our operations.

Full agency service to all vessel´s segments in Panamanian waters. 
Panama Canal transits and booking arrangements.
Mooring at all terminals throughout the country and close contact with terminals authorities to ensure a timely clearance as soon as the vessel is secured to dock and departures.
Close attention to solid and liquid cargo operations.
Coordinating ship repairs, freshwater supply.
Coordinating garbage, slop and sludge disposal and lube oil delivery.
Arranging customs clearance, transportation and delivery onboard of ship´s spares and stores.
Arranging the necessary permits, visas, transportation, lodging for joining crew and coordinating respective repatriations (crew change).
Arranging bunkering.
Coordinating delivery of provisions and stores.
Ship to Ship (STS) coordination (Tankers and LPG vessels specialists).