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Our History

After having accumulated a vast experience in Cie. Gle Maritime / French Line, one of the most prestigious shipping companies of the world, Mr. Carlos Gomez felt that it was time to seek his own path and to start his own company.

That is how Sopisco Panama S.A. was born in 1994. A big challenge to Mr. Carlos Gomez who knew that in Panama, shipping companies had a trajectory bound to the history of the first days of the Republic of Panama and with whom he had to deal to obtain part of the market,  but his professional efforts and later on, those of his family, added to the company assets along with a team of professional staff, succeeds in giving Sopisco its place in the industry, where the efficiency and the personalized service has been recognized internationally. 

The company is now managed by Don Gomez with a group of enthusiastic and well-trained collaborators maintaining its personalized and first-class service, positioned Sopisco Panama, S.A. as one of the most thriving shipping agencies in Panama and with a sustainable growth over the years.

“Sopisco Panama, S.A. 30 years serving the shipping community.”

Our Mission

To provide a “tailor made” attendance to ensure a timely turn-around to reduce costs to the vessel, owners, operators and charterers.

Our Vision

To remain as a leading company within the maritime industry of Panama, by adapting and innovating to the constant changes of the industry.

Our Values

The trust of our clients is fundamental and, at Sopisco Panama, S.A., we make sure to work with total transparency and honesty, full in compliance with all the standards established within the industry.

We look forward to improve every day and so, we are constantly updating ourselves with the latest changes within the industry, in order to keep our customers up to date with all the necessary information.

Committed to the industry, Sopisco Panama, S.A. strives to fulfill each and every one of its commitments, which identifies us as a serious and reliable company, this being a fundamental key to our growth and success.